How to grow your business in 2024 with Yespo CDP: New opportunities and tools for ecommerce

10 січня | 16:00 (GMT+2)

Alex DanchenkoCo-founder and COO of Yespo omnichannel CDP

● Business consultant with 9+ years of experience.● Expert in strategic business development, management systems, and marketing.MECLABS certified email messaging optimization expert.


2024 is ripe with opportunities for ecommerce companies that are not afraid to use cutting-edge tech to reach their goals. We are going to discuss how the Yespo team continually improves our CDP and how our new features will help you enhance customer experience and maximize revenue this year.

The year 2023 was productive for the Yespo team. We continually improved our platform so our clients could perform their business tasks effectively. We were developing new communication channels – App inbox and website widgets, created SDK for mobile apps, integrated AI into the email editor, etc.

Join our webinar, where we will summarize all the key innovations and discuss how we plan to help ecommerce businesses in 2024.

What we will cover:

    Improvements in Yespo CDP system
    Introduction of new features
    How updates benefit your business
    Planned updates for 2024

Use improved features of Yespo CDP to run better promo campaigns, create omnichannel sequences, and increase direct channel sales.